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This pet wig is our newest products which is designed for your puppy.The lion mane costume made of soft natural wigs, moderate close skin, no-load sense , comfortable and washable.

Not just dressing up your dog, wearing this wigs for dogs in the cold winter can also help your pet stay warm.

Don’t worry that your dog can’t wear this dog wig. Compatible neck size for dogs ranges from 23in to 31in.

It can make your dog very striking among many dogs, and the soft lion hair will definitely add a lot of luster to him.

This set of Dog Lion Mane Costume will make all your friends like your dog.

1.Suitable for large, medium and small dogs:Adjustable Elastic Strap,The dog lion wig is designed with an adjustable elastic strap that makes it easy to wear.

2.Super Soft Simulation Plush:Made with natural hair, it is not easy to shed hair, the dog lion mane is fluffy, full of beauty, using delicate high-grade plush.

3.Fine inner nylon material:It is safe,comfortable to wear. It will not make your dog feel uncomfortable and keep warm in winter.

4.Become the most striking “lion” in the crowd:Turn your lovely pooch into a funnily ferocious King of the Jungle in a jiffy.Whether it’s Halloween, dog shows, local carnivals or cosplay parties, with this dog lion wig, your pet dog will always be set to be the eye-catcher of the event

5.A great Christmas gift:This gift is perfect for friends who keep pets, dress up your dog and let’s party together.Our lion costume is bound to make everyone smile & laugh from cuteness overload!

Post time: Jul-12-2021

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