Shinee hamster cage natural acrylic for your small pet and animal

This small  hamster cage measures 30*30*47cm and offers almost 0.05m³ space.It is suitable for Robo Hamster, Fat-tailed Gerbil, Dwarf Hamster, Gerbils, mini hedgehog and other small animals.
ACTIVE DOOR: With the active door on the front the cage, it is easier to touch and view your pets.In the other hands.It also can keep your pets from escaping.
COMPELETE STARTER KIT: This hamster cage natural kit includes the house, ladders, water bottle, food dishes, tubes, and exercise wheels.
DETACHABLE TRAY and BUCKLES: Detachable bottom tray of this pet hamster cage acrylic is designed for you to make it easier to clear up the habitat for your small pets. Release the buckle and separate the cages.
A complete set-up manual is included in package. It is possible to build up this cage step by step according to the manual and you can place the accessories anywhere with your imagination. In addition, this pet cage has left extended location for other parts like external bathroom.
Step to use our hamsater cage
1.Take out all the stuff from the package and place them by category
2.Tear off surface protective film of acrylic boards
3.Build up the acrylic boards together as the walls of a cage, and assemble the acrylic walls and platform together. To make a sturdy cage, you can use the rubber ring to fasten these stuff. The acrylic boards can place above the tray.
4.Install the connecting ring on the acrylic walls for connecting the hamster tunnel.
5.Install the acrylic patches on the acrylic walls for placing the water bottle and exercise wheels.
6.Build up the hamster house and ladder, and place them in the hamster cage. Place the food dish.
7.Tighten up the acrylic boards and bottom tray by buckles.

Post time: May-31-2021

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